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GoFly Project V4 image/manual

Firmware for GoFlyPico/Project

Firmware/Shell for Holux GPSmile61CS/Mio devices

Links to apps (putty/keyboard/terminal emulator for WinCE/WinXP78/Android/Mac)




GoFly Project V4

TopHat2.0.1_with_alarms_v.NOV2014 for GoFly V4

XCSoar6.7.6_with_alarms_v.NOV2014 for GoFly V4

TOPHAT Soaring with alarms (beta-v.July2014)

XCSoar with alarms (beta-v.July2014)

Manual (pdf file)

XCSoar custom settings (default.prf  file)

Pico Insider Firmware upgrade V.3.2014

Pico Insider Firmware upgrade V.4.2014

Pico Insider Firmware BETA – upgrade at Your own RISK (feedback about this release is welcome)

XCSoar fonts upgrade   (thanks to


New firmware released 22 August 2013 for GoFlyPico (v.8.2013)


Firmware for iPico (for Iphone4s-5/Ipad) and Pico SPEED with airspeed sensor will be released shortly.

Please follow FirmwareUpdateManual   or  FirmwareUpdateVideoManual

Firmware Download links:

GoFlyPico and GoFlyPico BT

GoFlyPico HX and GoFlyPico HW (also for GoFlyProject V3)

GoFly Pico Speed (with airspeed sensor) and GoFly Project V3 Speed

GoFly iPico for Iphones

Quick configuration menu user manual:

Please use terminal apps like  TeraTerm for PC, Putty for WinCE, BluTerm for Androids, Putty for Mac, Terminal for Linux to access and change settings if required.

By default GoFlyPico is setup to be very sensitive variometer.

GoFlyPico v8.2013 quickusermanual



New firmware released 20 April 2013 for GoFlyPico

Based on my experience from last few months and many questions from my customers I decided to make things simpler and publish only two firmware versions for GoFlyPico. As You know GoFlyPico has external 3 position slide switch. In the middle position GoFlyPico is turned OFF. Right position turns GoFlyPico on in serial mode. Left slide switch position is programmable. Based on this I am going to provide two firmware options. This is based on requests from my customers so I will keep it this way.

1. Firmware for pilots who wants to enable/disable Bluetooth connection by slide switch, the rest of the settings will be adjustable by configuration menu using terminal access. This is easiest option to handle, by default delivered with devices. GoFlyPico works “out of the box” without need  go into terminal menu to enable/disable Blluetooth connection.

2.Firmware for pilots who wants to enable/disable Sound(Volume=0) using slide switch. The rest of the settings will be adjustable by configuration menu using serial terminal access. This options requires some extra knowledge because after enabling Bluetoth connection, internal serial interface is occupied, and we can still see NMEA protocol coming out on every available interface, but we cannot access configuration menu from miniUSB interface using “shift+cc” key combination. In other words if Bluetooth is enabledand we are trying to connect to GoFlyPico and change setting using Laptop/PC and usb interface I will not be possible.

3.Firmware for my GoFlyProjects (V2 and soon V3). This one will be dedicated for devices based on Mio, but to upgrade firmware some skills are required (device has to be opened). And also Arduino FT232 usb-serial board is required (on ebay for about 5-10$)

Please keep in mind that GoFlyPico has many hardware versions. If You upgrade one of those firmwares into GoFLyPico HX(for holux)  or HW(hard wired), You will see Bluetooth option in configuration menu, but this will be dead option.

Code Fixes/Updates:

– changed double click “shift+cc” timeframe from 0.5s to 0.9s. It should be easier now to access configuration menu.new_navigation_keys

– changed navigation menu keys from arrows to lower case  [w, a, s, d] keys. There are android devices with touchscreen keyboards without arrow keys

– added exit and save option after clicking [x] key

– Buzz option could be disabled now in both firmware version

– per pilots request added compatible to Flynet protocol to work with android application  Gaggle

– added temperature value to GoFlyPico menu, in case You need to know :)

– added “beep” sound when operating navigation menu

– fixed volume settings for SMOOTH beeping mode

– initialization sound after turning ON GoFlyPico for informational purposes is not effected by volume settings. Even if You turn volume to “0”, initializations sound will be always there.

– now You can hear the difference when adjusting base “Sound frequency” in configuration menuGoFlyPico_v.4.2013

Firmware download links:

GoFlyPicoHX / GoFlyPico HW – no bluetooth module available – slide switch Sound ONOFF option:

GoFlyPico / GoFlyPico BT – DEFAULT firmware version – with bluetooth module – slide switch Bluetooth ONOFF option – sound ONOFF by terminal settings:

GoFlyPico /GoFlyPico BT – with bluetooth module – slide switch Sound ONOFF option – bluetooth ONOFF by terminal settings:

GoFly Project V2 (no bluetooth,no slide switch)-this firmware requires open Mio enclosure and Arduino FT232 serial/usb board to perform firmare upgrade:


GoFlyPico EEPROM erase

Please deploy and burn it into GoFlyPico if You are experiencing problems with previous firmwares. I have change some variables that are kept in EEPROM memory and newer firmware requires to clear EEPROM memory first.

For more details about upgrading process please refer to User Manuals section.

After uploading, Use terminal application (putty) to connect to GoFly Pico from Your PC/Laptop. EEPROM eraser will run after You connect to GoFlyPico (serial/19200) . Click Shift+C from keyboard to perform erasing.

GoFly Pico EEPROM erase


Device shell menus / User Interface


GoFly Mio (s401/s501) Shell – Older GoFly user menu

GoFly Holux Shell – Older GoFly user menu


GoFly Holux Shell – GoFly Instruments Edition

GoFly Holux Shell – GoFly Instruments Edition Installation manual

Special apps

Putty  (for Windows CE – contains necessary libraries to run on Holux device, or directly from dev site


I am recommending to use  those free terminal emulator apps to access gonfiguration menu (GoFlyPicoApp is not compatible anymore):

– For Windows PC (XP/vista/7/8): TeraTerm 

– For Windows CE/Mobile: Putty

– For Apple: There is a way to use Putty terminal on Mac (please refer to user manual for GoFlyPico )

– For Android devices: BlueTerm

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